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Plug-and-Play Small Satellite

MIL-STD CubeSat 6U/12U small satellites are engineered to the highest standards for command, data handling, telemetry, tracking and control. MIL-STD CubeSat features and automatic deployable solar panel array system for complex ORS, NASA and DOD nano-satellite and micro-satellite missions.

MIL-STD CubeSat satellites use GPS L1/L2 receivers to calculate precise satellite ephemeris and attitude to be used to support various DoD and NASA missions.

MIL-STD CubeSat can be used to support a disaggregation architecture to reduced cost for the following advanced DOD missions: Position Navigation Tracking, Space Situational Awareness, Space Weather Monitoring, Protected, Tactical Communications, Offensive Space Control, Unprotected Communications, Space to Impervious Surface Ratio (ISR), Terrestrial Environmental Monitoring and Nuclear Detonation Detection.

MIL-STD CubeSat is built on an open, modular, scalable and reconfigurable (OMSR) Bus architecture that simplifies payload integration and easily adapts to new user requirements.


  • GPS L1/L2 High Dynamic 216-ChannelReceiver that tracks all in view
  • Low-Power PC104 Processor (333Mhz) or PCI104 RadHard (optional) with the following Com Ports
    • Four RS- 232/422 and two USB 2.0
  • UHF and S-Band Software Defined Radio Downlink (2 watts) ultra efficient transmitter
  • Connection to CubeSat Payload Sensors
    • StarTracker, Sun Sensors, Magnetometer, Cameras, etc.
  • Fully Redundant Internal Lithium Polymer Power System – 12.6Vdc, 3 Ah fully rechargeable and DC-DC Converter (+3.3Vdc, +5Vdc) to all internal modules and sensors
  • Solar panels (silicon and/or highly efficient triple junction GaAs panels as an option) – Body and/or deployable panels

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