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Intelligent Power Source for Aerospace

When the mission calls for a dependable, high energy density and rapidly rechargeable battery technology for Launch vehicles, Small Satellites and UAS/RPA, look no further than SIL. Li-Ion Polymer (Li-P) Intelli-Pack® Batteries are engineered to provide an intelligent power source. Li-P Intelli-Pack® batteries offer increased power and reliability in a smaller, lighter package. Battery packs meet or exceed the environmental levels of most aerospace applications for shock, vibration and thermal cycling. This state-of-the-art chemistry provides a more cost effective, robust, and safer alternative to other battery packs. Li-P Intelli-Pack® batteries come with custom software to monitor performance in real-time. Inflight, you can monitor the overall battery state of charge, individual cell voltage, temperature, and charge/discharge current. Li-P Intelli-Pack® batteries use modular, scalable and flexible design to meet virtually any voltage or capacity (1-200 Amp-Hour)or size requirements. Li-P Intelli-Pack® batteries are easy to integrate into customer applications and SIL is committed to providing customer support through the design, integration, and operation phases of projects. Benefits:

  • High energy density:
    • 3x energy density of Ni Cadmium batteries
    • 6x energy density of Lead-Acid batteries
    • 2x energy density of Silver Zinc and Ni-Metal Hydride batteries
    • 1.5x energy density of Lithium Ion batteries
  • Light-weight (Our 33.6 Vdc, 20AH battery in photo is only 13.5 lbs)
  • Reduced cost
  • Superior performance in cold temperatures (as compared to Ni-Cad, Silver Zinc, and Lithium Ion batteries)
  • No maintenance or complex lab equipment required for conditioning or safety
  • No electrolyte leakage
  • Immune to vibration and shock with proper constraints

US and International Patents Pending